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Hunter Central

 Iconic Hall is not just a place to gather and hang out. The side walls are lined with portals leading to meteor hot spots around Besevrona. Also has a large portal leading to the Slingbow Depot, a staple supply store for all your hunting needs. Supplying 24 types of slingbows, bombs, grapples, and augments. 


Resource Hub

Iconic also supplies a T5, T6 Resource Hub chain. Farms are supplied

by guild and non guild players. Open to the public you can

find just about any farm-able item.



Iconic also has public market places. Oortian Outlets on Besevrona and Biitula.

We are proud to announce our newest market. "Dzassak Market" on Dzassak.

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You can reach us anytime on our Discord channel.

https://discord.gg/Wvxztgt or Directly to [ICON]Orrian#7147